Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve


Prices 2018



Adult grave space for one person                          £600

Child under 18                                                            £400

Infant under 3                                                             £200

Ashes plot                                                                    £175

Ashes scattering                                                          £200


Please note we incorporate four ashes plots into each full sized plot. 


We also have a charge which is paid into a ring fenced fund, covering the long term management and protection of the site once all the grave spaces are sold.  This maintenance fund will ensure that the site remains an accessible, safe and pleasant place to visit, long into the future.  This fund will be managed by the trustees and will cover maintenance, insurance and habitat management once the site is full.

Minimum contribution                                               £20



Grave preparation and administration – payable at the time of a funeral only.


Adult interment                                                          £350

Child or infant interment                                           £250

Ashes interment                                                          £125


These prices include the provision and planting of a memorial tree (60cm whip) - on or near the grave, a tree guard and stake.  


If families wish to plant something bigger than a whip we will arrange this as part of  'tree planting day' in late winter and will endeavour to source the best saplings, at the best prices, each year. The cost for this is somewhere between £70 to £150 depending on the size and species of tree. It also depends on the available space - we cannot plant large trees on every plot in the burial ground, as the trees would simply not thrive.


Memorial Plaque Grave Marker

In recognition of the fact that people will want to mark their grave, we do offer the option of having a granite plaque installed. This takes the form of a 110mm by 150mm plaque, laser engraved, and then bonded onto a 600mm by 170mm black granite tile, which is then laid on the ground. The weight of the tile holds it in place.  This plaque is supplied ready to install for £59.00.  Please call us for more detail.


"Right of Burial"

You are purchasing a 'right of burial' on a plot within Markfield Natural Burial Ground.  You have secured this right whether you occupy it immediately or in 10, 20 or 75 years time.  The grave preparation and administration fees will, of course, rise over time and are payable when a burial takes place.  However if your plot is not occupied within 30 years from purchase we require that you contact us and re-sign, at no extra cost, to confirm that you still wish to be buried with us.  Of course, if you move home you also need to notify us.

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