Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Natural Burial - the concept

Natural burial is a gentle and environmentally friendly route for those who are unfortunately having to make funeral arrangements.  Those of us who are concerned that our final resting place should have as little impact on the environment as possible and those who wish to leave behind a protected corner of England will find this a positive and comforting choice.


Essentially, natural burial is where an un-embalmed body is laid to rest in a biodegradable coffin or shroud.  The grave is either simply planted with a memorial tree which marks the grave, or a granite plaque may be obtained from us. Also, wild flowers (also obtained from us) suitable to the area may be planted over the plot.  It becomes a living, breathing legacy, a protected nature reserve to be enjoyed not only by visitors in the future but by the local wildlife.


The ethos of Natural Burial is both broad and deep - far too much so to be explained here in detail. If you would like to know more about it please follow the link below to the Natural Death Centre website.  The NDC is a charity that promotes non traditional methods or styles of burial. Run by Rosie Inman-Cook, it is the definitive source of unbiased information in the UK on this subject.



The Association of Natural Grounds is also run by Rosie, and this is an overseeing body that maintains standards within the association members.



Finally, we offer a link to an excellent pamhplet (in .pdf format) produced by the Natural Death Centre, and which gives an excellent overview of Natural Burial.



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