Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Markfield Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve is an informal, relaxing environment for those who want to lay loved friends and family to rest amongst nature.

Natural burial, or green burial, is an increasingly popular option, (which actually dates back into the mists of time) exercised by people concerned to be in harmony with nature, and who wish to choose a final resting place that will be a pleasure for their friends and family to visit in the future.

Markfield is a rural village in north west Leicestershire, and the site of the burial ground is very much in the countryside, You approach along a quiet road, and turning off into the car park immediately surrounds you with typical English countryside hedge.

A short walk takes you further into the site. Oak, ash, willow, sweet cherry and poplar trees abound, and hawthorn, blackthorn, spindle, hazel, guelder rose, alder, privet, field maple, wild rose, holly and crab apple predominate in the hedges, both new and well established. The glades are open but the perimeters clearly defined, allowing privacy and serenity. The glades are adorned with natural English wildflowers, which we encourage with planting and appropriate cutting. In turns throughout the day, and according to the time of year, birds, insects and small mammals appear and disappear, amuse and amaze, and we are happy to encourage them.

Markfield Natural Burial Ground welcomes people of all and any faith, or equally, those of no faith. We place no time limits on ceremonies – stay as long as you like.

We are also creating, in tandem with the Burial Ground, a Nature Reserve. The two go hand in hand – when you come to us, you help us to create a permanent, continually evolving natural environment, with, as its goal, the protection, preservation and promotion of English countryside wildlife, both flora and fauna. Please see the appropriate page of this website for more information about this.

The whole site is an ongoing project. We don’t think it will ever actually be finished. Felling and planting, trimming and cutting, developing the suitability for wildlife, and ultimately, providing a relaxing and serene destination for burial and subsequent commemoration and remembrance of loved ones are our goals.

We invite you to come and help us to achieve them, and share in the pleasure of doing so.

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